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We use the best tools and services to provide solutions with reliable level of quality and predictable level of cost.

Prayoga Loan Management System, automates manual processes and moves paper-based processes to online.
User-centric design and Design thinking are core building blocks.
Efficiently streamlines the business processes and integrate with various data sources.

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We help NBFCs to meet RBIs requirement, to have MIS – Management Information System.It includes , Dashboard for the Top Management summarising financial position vis-à-vis targets.
Financial Reports including operating and non-operating revenues and expenses, cost benefit analysis of segments/verticals, cost of funds, etc.

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Ecommerce platform that scales well to support millions of products, customers, and orders.
Sports an industry-standard checkout process, offers an excellent mobile shopping experience, and it’s search engine-friendly.
Comes with Intuitive and responsive dashboard.

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Move your business forward with Digital Transformation

We help Organizations to Embrace Innovation,  Improve Customer Experience, Increase Efficiency and Transform the Business.

Gut feeling, instinct, tradition and theory are no longer enough to remain competitive.
We help organizations to get up to speed with Data Driven Decision Making.


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Customer First approach, fully in sync with customer’s priorities and perfectly aligned with its business strategies.

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